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With the famous Clone A Willy you get this DIY penis mold kit that gives you an impeccable replica of your penis. Clone A Willy has been the popular choice of every couple all across the globe. This body-safe silicone dildo is absolutely safe to easy, and since you make the product yourself, you can customize every bit of it. Your search for the perfect penis molding kit ends here.

However, getting the perfect clone of your willy is no joke. You must read the instruction manual attentively and follow every tiny bit to get your golden snitch. So if you’re one of those unlucky peeps who just can’t get the willy cloned for a number of reasons, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will go over all those points that can help you save your ass before you cause a disaster. Clone A Willy requires patience, and trust me; it is worth everything. Therefore, trust the process and keep my points up your sleeve. You will never go wrong again.

Here are some rookie mistakes that people end up making that mess up with the whole procedure:

  • The water is way over 90° or way below 85°
    This is the #1 mistake that people tend to make. They don’t check the temperature of the water or end up damaging the thermometer in some manner, so the water temperature is way beyond 90°.

If you mix hot water with the molding powder, it will solidify way too fast, and you might not have enough time to dip your penis inside the mixture.
Again, if you add water that is too cold (<80°), the mixture will never solidify, and you will be left with a gooey mix that you have to throw away. So be careful with the temperature while making the mix.

  • Wrong size of the container

Usually, guys tend to order smaller than their size (yea, unexpectedly) so what happens is that either the container overflows and creates a mess, or you end up choking the container.

On the other hand, if you have an enormous container, you will end up wasting a lot of molding powder. Also, you might get a curled-up dildo since an enormous container gives you more space to move and makes more room for error!

  • Air bubbles and lumpy mixture

DON’T stir or mix the mixture vigorously. Use a simple fork and not a blender. If you use a blender, you will make a frothy mix with a lot of air bubbles. These air bubbles not only weaken the dildo but also make the surface uneven resulting in an ugly-looking dildo.

  • Get the penis erect before dipping into the mold mixture.

Most people put their semi-erect dick inside the mixture, hoping it will get erect eventually and give similar results. However, this way, you disturb the mold setting and end up with a deformed cast.

So before you put your dick in that mold, harden it like a rock and only go in.

  • Do NOT disturb the setting silicon dildo to check if it has hardened.

Once you’ve poured the silicone mix, keep the setup undisturbed for at least 8 hours. Just leave it overnight.

Resist the temptation of checking the mixture at every odd hour. If you constantly poke the setting dildo, it affects the whole setup, and you might end up soiling the hard work.

Once you have kept these things in mind, I’m sure nothing can stop you from getting your favorite dildo. As I said, Clone A Willy demands your time and patience for all the right reasons. So keep these common mistakes in mind, follow the instruction manual, and you’ll surely get the dildo you’ve always wanted.

Theoretically, the Clone-A-Willy DIY penis mold kit can be an affordable and quirky couples’ night in. But in reality, it’s normal if you mess up into a disaster the first time. Keep that in mind when budgeting costs and time; be liberal with your estimate about how long it will take.

I have had enough experience to know that molding a dildo is often much more complicated than it sounds, but not enough to know all the ways that would manifest.  While you don’t need extra alginate or silicon mix in hand, you must keep in mind that you can have options if you mess up your first Clone-A-Willy mold.

So don’t be afraid and buy your new sex toy right away!